Don't risk losing your patients' data - The peace of mind that comes with PACS backups

Knowing that patient imaging data is securely backed up can give practices peace of mind. With cloud-based PACS backups, practices can rest assured that their data is stored off-site and protected from any potential hardware failure or cyber attack.

About Us

The founder, Ruben Moreno has been in the Healthcare IT industry for over 20 years. We’ve seen firsthand the issues many medical practices face when having in-house radiology or ultrasound machines. We’ve also seen the prices the Radiology companies charge to archive this data as mandated per Hipaa/HiTech. We’ve created a low cost, secure, robust system that just works. Call us today to see how we can help your practice.

Why PACS Backups?

There are several options for PACS backups, including daily and weekly backups of data and the use of live cloud PACS that can replace local PACS systems in the event of a disaster. These solutions ensure that medical images and data can be accessed even if the original data is lost due to hardware failure, natural disasters, cybersecurity threats, or other unforeseen events.

With the rise of cyber threats in recent years, ensuring effective PACS backups is more important than ever. Cloud-based PACS store and back up an organization’s medical imaging data to a secure off-site server, satisfying HIPAA security standards.

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