How our process works

Ultrasound, Xray, Dex and more

A Step-By-Step Roadmap

Understanding the Process


1.) Setup a secure VPN tunnel between your office and the hosting facility/PACS Backup

PACS Configuration

2.) Configure your existing PACS with the proper IP Address, AE Title, and Port Number to finalize 2-way communication

Send Studies

3.) As your staff take images, they will send them to the Radiologist for study but also to the PACS Backup

Your private VM

4.) The uploaded Dicom images sit on a privately hosted VM. This VM is not shared and only your practice data is on it. It's backed up, encrypted, and safe from prying eyes.

Download Studies

5.) As patients come back and do follow-up exams, radiologist need the new and the old study for comparison. Our solution allows your staff to query and download the old study from your PACS Backup.


6.) Now that your data is safe, accessible and your practice is compliant we know you will love our solution.